SelectAs Team.

Ryan Wong

Tutor / “The Boss”

  • Over 3 years of solid tutoring experience
  • MOE Intern; taught 3 subjects across Upper and Lower Sec levels
  • RJC ProjectIlluminate Tutor
  • Majoring in Law at National University of Singapore
  • Graduate of Raffles Junior College and St. Joseph’s Institution
  • Recipient of MOE and Raffles Humanities Scholarship (Programme)
  • Outstanding O level and A level results
  • Teaches recreational guitar and plays in a band

“I believe that every student can do well in the academics. It is a matter of whether he knows how to channel his mind and his positive energy towards making the process of learning productive and beneficial. Give SelectAs any student, and we will make him a worthy student.”


Alan Low

Chief Tutor

  • Recipient of Nanyang Scholarship at Nanyang Technological University
  • Double Major (Business + Engineering) at Nanyang Technological University
  • Graduate of National Junior College and St. Joseph’s Institution
  • Outstanding O level and A level results
  • Dreams of building his own car

“No student should be deemed as hopeless. Everyone can do well once they change their mindset and start studying diligently with the correct techniques and exam skills.”


Bernice Seow


Tutor / Coordinator

  • Over 5 years of tutoring experience in schools, tuition centres and private tuition
  • Majoring in Psychology at Nanyang Technological University
  • Marymount Centre Intern; taught English, Mathematics and Science
  • Experienced in syllabus crafting
  • Loves Wong Kar-wai films and aims to be a Singapore-based art curator

I apply the SelectAs Strategy in my classes and that has reaped its rewards. I have since entrusted my brother and loved ones to the SelectAs tutors and have full trust in the effectiveness of our methodology in improving the grades of our students.” 


Terri Teo



  • Majoring in English Literature at National University of Singapore
  • Graduate of Catholic Junior College and Hai Sing Catholic School
  • Consistent Annual Government Scholarship Holder
  • Outstanding O level and A level results
  • Loves food and photography

“What food is to the body is what knowledge is to the mind; therefore love knowledge as much as you love food and I guarantee you that getting good results will be as easy as getting a good meal.” 


Kelvin Zhou 



  • Double Degree in Business/Computer Science at National University of Singapore
  • Consistent Academic Excellence throughout 6 Years of Integrated Programme
  • Graduate of Raffles Junior College and Raffles Institution
  • Outstanding A level results
  • Passionate about Red Cross

“I believe it possible to have fun while studying and still achieve good results.”


Lee Hong Jing



  • 2 years of consistent tutoring experience
  • Studying in Eunoia Junior College, graduate of Catholic High School (IP)
  • Offered H3 MOE Pharmaceutical Chemistry/NTU Semiconductor Physics
  • Consistent MOE Edusave Scholarship recipient
  • Dean’s List (Academic) 99th percentile
  • Outstanding IP Leaving Examination results – GPA: 4.0 / L1R5: 6

“Every student has the potential to excel with the right learning attitude and accelerated with adequate help. I aim to bring out this immense potential in all my students.”


Jessica Lew



  • Double Major in English and Art History at Nanyang Technological University
  • Consistent excellence in Literature throughout academic life
  • Graduate of Tampines Junior College and Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School
  • Outstanding A Level Results in Arts Subjects

“What we can do is to provide as much help in the ways the student can receive knowledge. We should make full use of the student’s time spent learning.”


Sebastian Tan



  • Over 1 year of tutoring experience in the humanities
  • Majoring in Geography and minoring in Japanese Studies at National University of Singapore
  • Graduate of Tanjong Katong Secondary School and Temasek Junior College
  • Excellent O level and A level results
  • Passionate about Magic and dreams of making Magic a bigger thing in Singapore

“I firmly believe that anyone can achieve good results in school, but I also believe in the nuturing of values that will serve your child well after his or her formal education. With guidance, your child will not only be well-equipped to tackle the books, but to tackle the hardships of life that come after school.”


Goh Luo Ying 



  • TPJC Alpha Programme Economics Tutor
  • Majoring in Communications and New Media at National University of Singapore
  • Graduate of  Tampines Junior College and Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School
  • Consistent Ann Kway Association scholarship recipient

“What lies before us and what lies beyond us is tiny compared to what lies within us. Every student has what it takes to do well. Learning is but a process to help you discover that ability; and this is where we, as tutors come in — not to pave the road to success for you, but to equip you with the essential skills for success.”


Jing Kai 



  • Majoring in Mechanical Engineering at National University of Singapore
  • Recipient of Principal’s Honour Roll
  • Graduate of Pioneer Junior College and Shuqun Secondary School
  • Student Councillor in Secondary School and JC
  • Excellent O level and A level results
  • Extremely fit Naval Diver (NDU) during National Service

“A student’s results is not dependent on the school but the student himself. Work hard, work smarter. Strive for excellence. “


Denise Ng



  • MOE Intern and relief teacher
  • Majoring in Applied Mathematics at National University of Singapore
  • Graduate of St. Andrews Junior College and Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary)
  • Terrific O level and A level results

“I believe that every student has their own learning pace and as long as they are willing to learn, they will achieve their goals.”


Samuel Ye



  • Majoring in Law at National University of Singapore
  • Graduate of Raffles Junior College and Raffles Institution
  • Consistent Academic Excellence throughout 6 years of the Integrated Programme
  • Excellent A level results

“Taking an exam is just like playing a game. To do well, one has to find out the ways to score, then practise and perfect them. I believe that with hard work, a little dash of ingenuity and support by the right people, good results are achievable by anyone.”


General Tutors’ Profile

SelectAs tutors graduate at the top of our cohorts from stellar institutions such as Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution and National Junior College. With our schooling days not too far from us, we are still very familiar with the syllabus and with the methods we applied back in our day. All of us have a deep passion for teaching and we firmly believe that proper knowledge should be passed on properly. We have refined our own cognitive strategies and examination skills over the years both as students and tutors, and have since crafted it to become the SelectAs Strategy.

No student is ever too weak or too strong for tuition, and we believe that here at SelectAs, our commitment towards helping students do well will make the student much stronger regardless of his or her competency level at the point of joining us.

We are your companions in the education journey, and no time is ever inappropriate to discuss ideas and questions with our tutors. How you perform is our personal interest.

While no two students are ever the same, we seek to make all our students equally motivated and eventually, to be able to hold their own academically against any student across the country.