Student Testimonials

“Ryan’s lessons were engaging, which encouraged thinking. He never fails to share with me various tips to improve my essays, AQ and comprehension during every lesson! I benefitted a lot from his lessons.”

– Jean Chia, 19
GP. Anderson Junior College

“Through the SelectAs Strategy, Ryan was able to help me think out of the box, think more clearly, and made me more exam focussed with a greater ability to answer exam questions. I really think it’s a method that works.”

– Gareth Ong, 16
English, Social Studies and History. St. Gabriel’s Secondary School

“I think studying is quite mundane (common problem for many students!). Yet with the SelectAs way of motivating me and making me more focussed on the task at hand, I find that I could study less yet be more productive and put my study time to greater use. Now, I don’t have to clock so many hours yet I can get much more done. More time for me to pursue other hobbies, which is great!”

– Kevan Seow, 16 (Still with SelectAs for JC tuition; Economics.)
English, Social Studies and History, Physics, Chemistry. Coral Secondary School,
Meridian Junior College.

“The lessons are interesting and stimulating. Ryan is very patient and tries different ways of helping me understand concepts and theories. I feel the lessons are fun, yet intense at the same time. I recommended one of my best friends to sign up with SelectAs and she shares my sentiments too!”

Vanessa Yap, 20
General Paper, Economics, University Admissions Preparation. Serangoon Junior College, NUS Business.

“Alan is a great tutor. I struggled with A Maths for a long time but he clarified all my doubts and helped me to understand the concepts and topics in a much simpler way. I am so happy with my final grade and I couldn’t have don’t it without the help of SelectAs and my tutor, Alan. I would highly recommend SelectAs to any student who needs help!”

– Ishna Nizar Ali, 21
Additional Mathematics Module, Polytechnic. Republic Polytechnic, Supply Chain Management.