[Flash Post: Mid-July Update]

Dear Students and Parents of SelectAs Tuition, we need your help. The end-of-year exams, O levels, A levels and IB exams are coming up and there are only so many students in Singapore that we can reach out to to inspire them to take up tuition with us.

We need your help in recommending and inspiring your friends and the children of your friends to take up tuition with us. We want as many students as possible in Singapore to benefit from effective tuition, so it will be a great help if you can recommend us to people you know who are going to take their school exams and national exams. This could make a crucial positive difference to the child’s academic journey and future career 🙂

To reach us or recommend us, simply use this number: 97952448 / 82348538 for lesson scheduling or a quick discussion about how to improve the student’s grades. Thank you!

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We specialise in one-to-one and small group tutoring in Singapore. We delivery the best private tuition to your home. We teach you how to take exams.

We also specialise in giving scholarship advice, university admission advice and personal statement writing advice. We want you to be on the track most suited for you. We will tell you how to be a lawyer, doctor or anything you desire. Want to build your own car? We will point you there.

Our classes are mostly conducted at our student’s house. The tutor makes the trip to the student’s house to allow the student to learn at his or her most comfortable environment: the home.

(Alternatively, a neutral location can be arranged at the student’s request.)

Our expertise in personal and small group tutoring will:

  • Prepare students for excellence in school and national exams
  • Gear weaker students to bridge the gap and catch up with the cohort
  • Hand stronger students an edge over their peers across the nation
  • Instill confidence in our students

The SelectAs Strategy will:

  • Motivate, inspire and develop cognitive skills of our students
  • Make our students better thinkers
  • Channel students’ thoughts towards success
  • Shape students’ minds to become sharp, nimble and engaged
  • Create positive mindsets and infuse positive energy into learning
  • Ensure learning becomes enjoyable and passion-driven

Learn how to learn. Learn how to think effectively. Learn the SelectAs Way. Contact us to experience the difference.